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Turtle Shire Mount Trust in NM is dividing to form Zagia's Apothecary Farms A Farmers Cooperative and Mentorship Network Charitable Leads Trust on November 15th 2015!

Founder retired alternative doctor and shaman Nokomis Zagia struggles with spinal seizures and autonomic dysreflexia. Her research lead her to CBD's. This is how she is surviving her service connected disabled."The introduction of CBD has slowed the overall number of short circuiting seizures and the concentrated CBD has stopped seizures in process! The long term effects are showing a more slower and deeper rebuilding the immune system!" quote from Nokomis Zagia Ojibwa Grandmoher Love nokomis nin min anunug zagia goqua-Dancing Star Woman who Brings Love to the people.

What can the CBD "Seeds for Life" do for you?

About Us

Nokomis Zagia, upper spine fell off the tailbone into her body Dec 30 1999, It was only due to the amount of scar tissue on the nerves that the spine did not sheer the nerves and render her paraplegic. It instead caused autonomic dysreflexia due to a severe incomplete spinal cord injury that damaged the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.
Rodded and Screwed together again. High elevation and warm climates became a must. Autonomic dysreflexia tries to shut her systems down on a regular basis with the turn of the barometric pressures and the winds.
The injury forced her to retire as an alternative doctor of 10 years in 5 clinics. During the 90's she trained under 3 Ojibwa Medicine woman and two Ojibwa medicine men. Received two degrees from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. A Doctorate of Divinity in 1996 and a Doctor of philosophy in Metaphysics in 1995. Ordained into the Order of Melchizedek Non denominational Sanctuary of Beloved in 1996.

After the surgery she started to build a spirit camp to preserve native American healing traditions over 10 years in NM. After building the lodge and sweat lodge she opened the gates for ceremonies and in just 4 years by word of mouth, medicine folks from 14 countries and 25-30 native nations came through the gates and honored the Shire Ceremonies with there medicine. She says she really had nothing to do with it.  She followed the teachings of about 8 medicine men and women mentors. Opened the doors of the medicine wheel as taught and got out of Spirits way! 

The camps grew in popularity for the healing that came to these wounded warriors and healers 4 times a year during ceremonies, but more so as women's spirit camps to heal from trauma though out the rest of the year. Vision quest where book by many.

The spring winds of NM in 2013 and lack of diagnosis for treatment forced the move into Colorado.  She could not grow enough CBD to make the medicines to survive in NM legally and got politically involved to change NM law.

A vegal nerve heart attack in 10/2009 left her paralyzed and loosing circulation she stroked to the lung during short circuits during a storm.
She now knew her life expectancy would be 7 months if it every happened again.
At this time medical marijuana was keeping her alive not knowing the effects of or knowledge of CBD's.

From her healing practice the paraplegic vets as clients warned her what could happen. She knew this day was coming. She had planned for it financially. She had built the healing center nicked named "The Shire" on ancient Anizazi land, and as to their traditions, never had a lean.
She used the donations from the 90"s as she fixed up an old mill house and when it sold she used this and her disability pay to build the Shire in NM.
It was those same winds that caused the transformer on the power lines to come loose each year and electrical poisoning effected the guest at the ranch.  EPA advised they removed the unused transformer that was trowing off 5 x the normal power according to the telephone company, for the ranch is off grid.
A short circuiting spine and electrical poisoning, the nervous system was in need. Then 4 unknown ct scans during a shut down increased the radiation poisoning.

Babies crawl before they can walk for there is a Chinese pressure point that will stimulate growth to the nervous system at the base of our knees. They have linked learning disabilities to babies who walk too soon.
She had a child with a developmental language disorder according to the German American Folks school in 1981. Much like Einstein they added. She learned to teach her son how to balance the fine and growth motor skills which in turn reversed the learning disability and continued toward normal development.

Now her recovery depended on remembering this knowledge. She had limited use of her left arm and side from the stroke and no legs. She dragged until she crawled and hired to get food.  Food was 4200 feet above sea level.  She later learns 6500' and below would shut systems down due to increase atmospheric pressure inside her body like deep sea and altitude climbers she takes pressure breaks and does sacral cranial therapy not to seize stroke or heart attack when she travel.
I was in the mid 2006-2012 when GMO flooded the markets there in NM.  Not able to eat most of the food due to chemicals pesticides without complications as crawling therapy she started an open pollinated organic garden. She wanted to walk so much she grew so much food she gifted if to the local food banks. The Empress's Secret Garden project grew 2 years there and was reintroduced here in Colorado.

In Feb of 2014 she financed a farm in CO to grow CBD medicine to stay alive. 

It was after an Aug 2013 apt with VA Denver neurology when they said "We will try to save you when you get her but we are not the answer."
She asked them  "What is the answer?"
They replied, "Doing what you're doing, don't stop using marijuana high in CBD, Stay out of the winds! How long have you survived out there on that Ranch?

"Since the vegal verve heart attack 10/2009" she replied.

"Quite frankly we are shocked you are still alive this should have killed you years ago.  We want to know what you are doing to stay alive." They replied.
I told them I just left a hemp farm in Elbert and was there on and off for 5 weeks, could not do it due to the winds.

We talked CBD. Hemp. Medicinal hemp marajuana.

Thank you Dr Woning and Team for your compashion and truthful advise Denver VA Nerology.

This is why Nokomis Zagia offers "Seeds for Life" to grow for the sick. And acts as a mentor or adviser to those wanting to help the sick. If she did not have the credit to buy a farm in Colorado she would not be alive.
30 plants is all she could afford to buy.  15 made it as females.
The introduction of CBD medicines have slowed the overall number of short circuiting seizures and the concentrated CBD has stopped seizures.

These are the seeds that kept her alive.

Nokomis Zagia is a brand name for a line of CBD and other Apothecary products developed by Nokomis Zagia thou her studies as an alternative doctor that wildcraft 60-80 varieties of plants each year for her clients.

These formulas were developed over 25 years.

Nokomis Zagia means Grandmother Love.  It is short for
nokomis nin min a ning anung zagia goqua. Which translated from Ojibwa to English means Dancing Star Woman who brings Love to the people. Oho

Her goal is to do RD not only in CBD but continue her studies on the nervous system and recovery.  She plans to release her information to several (Parkinson) and spinal associations and apply for a related research grant.

She offers mentoring when she can during therapy to volunteers to continue the Empresses Secret Garden Community Food Restoration Program as part of her crawling therapy and to return open pollinated organic food to the people.
The Empress's Secret Garden projects in 2ed year of development of her farm is a prototype of what any church with a large roof and water catchment system and a food bank to feed can do with a little planning, a few volunteers and 1/2 acre with water. There are many community volunteers in place and we are looking into grants to extend this project to 5 mountain communities with large homeless populations.
Each Lodge has always had a give away she said. A give away blanket was laid.  Medicine pieces of all sort were on that blanket people took the ones they needed.  Then there was the feast meal blankets where the lodge members contributed to the feast meals to be made.

This is her give away.
Remember the old ways to survive.

In Feb of 2014 Nokomis Zagia financed a farm in CO to grow CBD medicines to stay alive. 15 of the 30 plants were female and produced these seeds.


This is the next generation of medicinal  hemp seeds from those that kept her alive.

Seed origin: Colorado Star form Colorado Hemp Coffee,

Nokomis Zagia is a brand name for a line of CBD and other Apothecary products developed by Nokomis Zagia thou her studies as an alternative doctor that wildcraft 60-80 varieties of plants each year for her clients, produced by her daughter Kelly.

They offers these seeds to you.





Nokomis Zagia's Apothecary Store and Seeds for Life are sponsored program for research and development licensed commercially out of Fremont County Co for the study of CBD effects on many conditions but specializing in the development of products for seizure control, spinal and nerve seizure control, Parkinson, electrical and radiation poisoning, immune ailments and nerve repair.
Nokomis Zagia founded Turtle Shire Mount Trust a NM special needs trust designed to care for her in her failing health she instead invested in her health with this Trust. Nokomis Zagia's Apothecary is a for profit subsidiary of this trust. Partnered with her son and daughter-in-law thou the Trust, it is through their efforts to support with this cause that this can be offered to you. Blessings and deepest  graditude to Nathaniel and Kelly Jones for their huge part as they share this healing to you.

To donate toward research, Thank you for your support.

On the Empress's Secret Garden and sign on as a volunteer to promote this effort in your community.