Zagia's Apothecary Farms

A Farmers Cooperative and Mentorship Network Charitable Leads Trust




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Turtle Shire Mount Trust in NM is dividing to form Zagia's Apothecary Farms A Farmers Cooperative and Mentorship Network Charitable Leads Trust on November 15th 2015!

Zagia is an Ojibwa word that means LOVE. Apothecary is an old word for the scientific study  of the medicinal value of plants and minerals.  May the love of our Earth Mothers Medicine bless you.

Seeds of Life


Specializing in growing medicinal herbs and open pollinated organic gardens thru a cooperative farmers and mentorship network for self empowerment thru growing knowledge.

Many medicinal herbs are being grown On Zagia's Apothecary Farms, but there are 2 that just are so exciting we had to specialize.

Pom Pom Blanc mushroom also known as lions maine is being researched for it is reversing the negative effects of Parkinsons and Industrial Hemp hign in cannabiniodal CBD.

We are researching CBD through before and after survey for its's effects on seizures, spinal seizures, autonomic dysreflexia, immune issues, radiation poisoning, Parkinson, nerve damage, arthritis, pain, cancer etc through pilot field programs while assisting CO farmers to become Commercial CBD industrial hemp farmers thus establishing avenues for production and distribution so all parts of this healing plant are honor, thou the Seeds for Life feild pilot survey program. These compliations are used for futher grant research and to assist those in need.

Progams offered are:

Seeds for LIfe: Seeds for Life is a program where we grow and gift plants to community ill and with a day at the Apothecary, teach them various ways to preserve herbs into various forms of medicine and strengths.

Bear Clans Unite: Any Medicine woman or medicine man living on reservation lands where it is legal to grow cannabis or industrial hemp, WE WANT TO HELP YOU TO GET MEDICINES TO YOUR ELDERS! Sign up and we will help you set up you fields! Honor to your Elders!

Farmers Take Stock has two features, It helps farmers to relocate into CO and it allows farmers to work for stock in Zagia's Apothecary Farms. Proceeds are set back to allow farmers to be gifted relocation funds as well as help establish loans.

Farmers Cooperative Growing Programs

There are several ways to get involved and several growing programs depending if you are a farmer with land or a want to be farmer.  Training progams are offered thru the year on various processes in the growing process to ready farmers to be placed into fields. Live in positions are available for field and administrative managemant mentorships programs.

Empress's Secret Garden

The return of open pollinated orgainic food that is grown for and gifted to community poor ill or community food bank.  Roof top collection is used to support the farming.  A prototype for any church food bank to adapt in your community.

Orgainic Seed Share Program

Heirloom and organic seeds are the only seeds that should be planted for food! GMO will not have the same food value in nutrition. We collect and save the seeds each year and share.